Google introduced Android 13 last week. Smartphone manufacturers have also started to work on integrating the new version into their own software. So which Samsung models will the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update come? Here are the details… goldap

Models that will receive Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update
Samsung promised that it will release Android and One UI updates for at startbusinesstips least 3 years, and security updates for 5 years, even if it is not in the flagship segment, for its newly released devices in the previous periods. zachodniemazowsze

The company, which has recently revised this decision, announced that it will give at least 4 years of Android and One UI and 5 years of security updates to some upper segment models in order to be a direct competitor to Apple in software support. tydzien

Known for its proximity to Samsung, SamMobile shared Samsung models that will receive the One UI 5.0 update, which is expected to be pengeluaranhk88 introduced soon. However, it should be noted that the list is not official and has been prepared according to the company’s update policy. pieninyinfo

Nvidia announced that it would buy ARM in 2020. In February, ARM announced that the acquisition was canceled due to disagreement. It is alleged that Samsung and Intel will partner to buy ARM.

Samsung and Intel in talks to buy ARM ستشارات قانونية محامي سعودي
Nvidia paid a $1.25 billion penalty for failing to make the $40 billion purchase announced in 2020. After the failed attempt, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced in February that they would be partners in the acquisition. portalkujawski

It is stated that Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae-yong and Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger held a meeting for ARM on May 30. According to the published report, Samsung will include ARM technologies in Exynos processors. suwalki

Samsung wants to become the leading manufacturer in the chip market by 2030. The report details that Samsung will have to compete with SK Hynix, Intel and Qualcomm in this process. It is estimated that these companies will join forces by forming a consortium. bieszczadzka24

Samsung has announced that it will stop production of LCD panels. Analysts state that the company is taking a break from LCD panel work to focus on chip production. عقارات اسطنبول تركيا Elon Musk recently threatened to fire his employees. It turned out that Tesla started working with the consulting firm MWW PR about 4 years ago to monitor its employees who want to form a union. mojradom

Tesla wants to prevent workers from forming unions
Workers working in many American companies, especially Tesla, Apple and Amazon, want to establish a union. محامي في السعودية Amazon and Apple have been busy preventing their employees from forming unions for some time now. According to the published report, Tesla met with MWW PR in 2017 and 2018 when some workers tried to unionize. skarzysko24

The company, which wanted to monitor the organizational structure of the union to be established, started to monitor its employees on social media platforms. moneymunch

It turned out that the company named MWW PR is primarily examining the discussions about unfair labor practices and sexual harassment lawsuits at Tesla. Elon Musk thinks that social media platforms have important information for companies.


In an interview with CNBC, a spokesperson for MWW PR said, “We provided consultancy services to Tesla between 2017 family and 2018. You can think of it as a common practice to gain insight into stakeholders’ issues and thoughts about the brand.” made statements. aviwatersports